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How to detect laptop power failure?

How to detect laptop power failure?

Step 1: First, you can check whether the power adapter or laptop battery is in good contact by gently shaking the power connector or battery. If not, try to reinstall the power adapter or battery. Possible fault conditions are deformation of the power connector or decrease in the elasticity of the battery contacts.

Step 2: If the power supply or battery connector is good, use a multimeter to measure the output voltage of the power adapter or battery, mainly to check whether the output voltage is stable, and whether the actual output voltage value is consistent with the nominal voltage of the power supply, if the output is unstable or the actual output voltage If it is very different from the product's nominal name, you need to replace the damaged power adapter or battery.

Step 3: If all the above detection steps show normal, it can be inferred that the fault is on the notebook power board or main board. Here you need to open the laptop shell and check whether the power board is in good contact with the main board.

Step 4: If the power board and the battery are in good contact, use the replacement method commonly used in DIY to check whether the power board is normal. If not, just replace it.

Step 5: If you confirm that the power board and battery are normal through the above methods, it can be inferred that the notebook motherboard or other main components are damaged (such as the power-on circuit failure). At this time, the motherboard can be repaired or replaced.

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