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America Us announces series of measures to enhance energy star detection and Implementation

Washington News, May 1, 2010, it will be more difficult for TV manufacturers to get the Energy Star label issued by EPA. EPA said that the energy efficiency of a TV set to get energy star labels is 40% higher than that of ordinary models. New televisions sold in national stores will help consumers save more energy and money, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and have all the functions and functions.

The new requirements represent EPA's strictest TV Energy Star label to date, consistent with the agency's commitment to making Energy Star the most effective way for consumers to identify energy-efficient products. The required TV sets must be powered on with minimal energy, but at the same time ensure a satisfactory brightness level, and must contain the energy consumption when downloading access mode.

In 2010, 19 million televisions in American households will have larger screens than 40 inches, so the new specifications also provide important energy-saving methods for large televisions. For example, in the new regulation, 46 inch and 50 inch TV sets save 50% of electricity compared with the traditional mode.

All measures are massive savings for consumers and the environment. If all the TV sets sold in the United States meet the new Energy Star label requirements, the United States will reduce energy consumption by 2.5 billion yuan a year, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to 3 million cars.