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Pengchu Announces 150W-250W DOE Level VI CC-CV Mode Power Supply

Pengchu Announces 150W-250W DOE Level VI CC-CV Mode Power Supply

On the occasion of the New Year,Pengchu Announced the DOE Level VI CC-CV Mode 150w-250w series lithium battery and lead-acid battery charger.The new power supply are ideally suited to provide the power, energy efficiency and cost requirements of increasingly capable modern industrial and technology equipment.

The Series meet Energy Efficiency Level VI and CoC Tier 2 minimum efficiency limits and no-load power requirements, thereby reducing operating costs of equipment. Typical average efficiencies are around 92% ensuring that the power supply remain cool even when delivering full power.

The series are safety approved to IEC60950 & 62368-1 allowing them to be used globally, they are also qualified to China Compulsory Certification (CCC). The universal input range (90 to 264VAC, 47 to 63Hz) is compatible with mains voltages in all countries.

The series of power supply are specifically the following models: 12.6v 16a, 14.4v 15a, 16.8v 13a, 19.2v 9.5a, 21v 11.5a, 24v 10.5a, 25.2v 9.5a, 28.8v 8.3a, 29.4v 8.2a, 33v 7.2a and 10 models etc. and can operate over the temperature range -10 to +60ºC, with full power being delivered at ambient temperatures up to +40ºC.

The combination of high efficiency, low standby power, comprehensive protection features and the ability to meet the latest environmental regulations – along with competitive pricing,it is the ideal solution for large-capacity communication applications that require a 150w-250w adapter power solution.

This series is available from stock with a 2-year product warranty.