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Enterprise Culture

Corporate Philosophy
PENGCHU believe the foundation of the enterprise is nothing but reliable company, reliable people, and reliable product.

Corporate culture:
Integrity and Sincerity
Optimistic and Progressive
Initiative and Responsive
Unity and Harmony

“Integrity and Sincerity” is core to every PENGCHU employee. The corporate culture of “Integrity and Sincerity, Optimistic and Progressive, Initiative and Responsive, Unity and Harmony” is what nourishing the company’s sustaining growth.

Business vision:
Strive for Excellence
Long-term Operations
Profit Creation
Feedback to Society

Enterprises are required to balance bottom lines and social responsibilities which, in turn, requires it to pursuing continuous excellence, innovation and improvement for sustainable development and prosperity.

Quality Policy
Devoted to “Total quality assurance and customer satisfaction” we insist the power supply industry to pay more attention to long-term reliability on top of product and costs. Quality is the key to sustaining growth and symbol of lasting customer trust. At PENGCHU, we set our management goal to lower rate of after-sale repairs and manufacturing flaws by 10% each year.
To make each and every piece of our product delivered with the optimum quality we are executing strict DVT/DQT by QA unit right from product design stage supported by IQC/ IPQC/ FQC at production line.

Total Quality Assurance
Enhance Total Quality Management (TQM) System.
Standardize internal learning process.
Improve sourcing management and create preventive measures to avoid recurrences.

Customer Satisfaction
Provide quality and cost effective product along with our superior customer service.
Customer’s satisfactory is our ultimate goal.