Which type of power adapter should you buy?

Which type of power adapter should you buy?

The plug adapter or power converter to buy will depend on various requirements, prior to choosing which one to bring we suggest reading this checklist:

How many electrical items will you be bringing?

List how many electrical items you'll need to pack (for example laptops, phones, tablets, clothes irons or hair dryers).Remember to allow for more electrical devices at a later date.
There are an increasing number of smaller rechargeable devices (such as electric shavers) which are switching to using USB powered recharging. The next time you buy a new device it could use a USB power adapter so allow for enough spare USB ports to support these additional devices as well.
Will you also be travelling with family who will need to use their electronics too?

What different types of electrical devices do you need to use?

There are three different types of electrical devices or appliances:Low wattage electrical devices that plug into a power outlet - for example a camera.

High wattage electrical appliances that plug into a power outlet - for example hair dryers and curling irons.
USB devices which connect to a USB port - for example phones.
If you only want to take just USB powered devices then you'll find that a travel USB wall charger is perfect as you'll only have to pack asingle compact charger and leave your domestic chargers at home.
Travel power strips are made for powering and voltage conversion for several low wattage devices of any voltage, but unsuitable for high wattage appliances (such as hair dryers) which require voltage conversion.

Will your devices and appliances work with a different voltage?

If you originate from a country that uses a different voltage and you don't have a dual voltage appliance then you'll either need to bring a bulky power converter for high wattage items or a lighter power strip with a built in voltage converter for low wattage items.
It will be more expensive and heavier buying a power converter instead of a dual voltage travel appliance (for example a dual voltage hair dryer, clothes iron, curling iron or flat iron) which is perfect for travel - some models also bundle travel power adapters.

Do you only need to recharge USB devices?

If you only need to recharge USB powered devices such as cell phones abroad then it is recommended to only bring a travel USB wall charger.
If you bring a normal power plug adapter you will still need to carry the domestic USB power charger that came with your device too, thereby adding more weight and items to your baggage.

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